Why Use A Professional Editor?

The editor is the author’s ally and the reader’s advocate. A good editor will play devil’s advocate and ask frustrating questions that you wish they wouldn’t – but your readers will. They help you prepare for the unexpected you may face when you take your work public

Look for two main points in an editor: a strategic thinker and a wordsmith. The strategic thinker will help you identify holes and inconsistencies (no matter how convinced you are that there are none in your manuscript!) and will ask the questions your readers will ask. A strong editor will give you a realistic glimpse of readers’ prospective reactions and professional insight into the world of publishing. The wordsmith will help your copy flow like silky honey. She will make you a better writer, and your work a better product. Remember, editors are the reader’s advocate and your ally. From a strictly tactical viewpoint, they’ll help make sure your work flows smoothly, coherently and intelligently.

The best editors offer additional value: intuition and experience. They’ll offer insight into their long-term experience in the publishing world, tips that will help you stop second-guessing yourself, provide an independent and objective sounding board, offer marketing support and suggestions, and provide other value-added pearls that, in most cases, terrific English teachers or trusted relatives often don’t have the context or objectivity to provide.

My Passion

I love working with all writers, and especially with new and independent writers who are bravely ready to take that scary and exciting leap that can possibly change their lives forever – and at least, leave their personal work as a monument that endures forever, as well as corporations who are serious about getting their message across. I believe writers and editors operate best in a respectful community of integrity, collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge sharing. Through decades of working in executive positions as a writer and editor for global publishers and publications, I welcome the opportunity to work with you and respond to your inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a work that you are seriously considering publishing. I welcome the opportunity to expand my community of writers, editors, and others with a passion for storytelling and excellence through the written word. Hopefully, I’ll make you a better writer and editor – and you’ll make me a better one too! ☮

3 thoughts on “Why Use A Professional Editor?

  1. The benefits of a professional editor is so obvious I never thought it needed a post explaining why. They’re more than useful. I’ve used one once before, some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

    • Great observation! The rise of self-publishing and social media seem to have spawned an inherent compulsion to hit the “send” button without much attention to what the sender is showing the world. I think (and hope) the importance of objective editing will become even more evident as people realize that they MUST make their work attractive for it to be read because audiences increasingly must use their own discernment to filter out the noise and get to the good stuff!

      • I wasn’t aware of that in all honesty, but I’ve yet to use the kindle or purchase an ebook, but it isn’t surprising that self publishing and social media has caused a rise in this. And yes, I couldn’t agree more.

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