The Sacred Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is among the most important work of the human experience. It records our lives, our dreams, our fantasies, our loves, our history, our oral and spiritual traditions, our values, our adventures, our pain and our joy. It leaves a record of our lives and imaginations. Whether it’s a work of fiction or nonfiction, an oral tradition passed around tribal campfires, a recipe handed from generation to generation, the most intimate details of a sacred relationship, or the horrors and miracles of our most profound traumas, storytelling tells the world that we were here, that we mattered, that we made a difference, that we created, that we left fingerprints on the world. What could possibly be more personal or more sacred?

Our stories are documented through oral tradition and folklore; through cave walls and handwritten scrolls; through the printed word; through cyberspace and social media; through lyrics and ballads; through fairy tales and myth, through comedy and farce; around kitchen tables and campfires; and through the silent horrors of dead eyes, unfettered tears, and thunderous silence. Whether published or not, these stories are inscribed forever in our hearts, imaginations, personal memories, and in many ways, our collective psyches.

If you are here, you are considering publishing your story – real or imagined – for the world to see and for posterity. You find yourself on a tightrope of vulnerability. Our most personal and meaningful stories cannot be effectively told without bravery and risk-taking – without making ourselves vulnerable. Something in you is already reaching for the stars with your story, and by coming here, you’re ascending the steps toward a self-created destiny that will take you there. “Can I really do this by myself — spin a meaningful tale for a world stage that I am truly proud of?” you’re probably asking.


Take comfort. That scary vulnerability is an occupational hazard. And normal! Rest assured … an experienced professional editor can help guide you and hold your hand along the way. ☮

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