Your work isn’t a cookie-cutter project, so you won’t find a standard menu of rates here. Each job is different. Why shouldn’t each price be different too, based on the nature of the work you want? Send me a description of your project and a ballpark range of what you hope to pay, along with your contact information (which will be kept entirely confidential). I’ll let you know how we can work together to get your project completed in a reasonable time frame, at the highest level of quality, and in the price range that meets your budget. (And if we can’t, I’ll tell you!) Hopefully, we’ll have fun collaborating too! The best work is always a meeting of great minds (JMO)!

I avoid hourly work and prefer to work on a flat-fee basis. You want to know what you’re paying up front, and I don’t want you fretting that you’re being charged for every phone call, question or e-mail. It’s included in the price (within reason. If it gets outta hand, I’ll give you fair warning!).

I welcome your feedback and inquiries! Contact me at julielindyeditor@gmail.com.

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