In the Works and in the World

I’m working on two really exciting projects at the moment! One is an absolutely stellar Young Adult novel with amazing potential to join the canon of classics. VERY close to publication, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

The other is a New Adult novel that puts an interesting (and much-needed) twist on the genre. It’s in its early stages and will make for some fun and seductive summer reading in 2017 if all goes as planned.

I had the good fortune to visit Cuba earlier this year and was dazzled by the vivacious, friendly people; the beautiful scenery; and the social and historic restoration projects under way. Below are a few photos … I hope you enjoy:


Detail-Old Havana

Architectural detail: Old Havana

Havana Market

Havana market vendor

egg seller

Egg vendor

At the Bodega

At a bodega

Artist Discussing and Showing His Work

Havana artist explaining his magnificent work

cuban street

Havana side street

Master Cigar Maker at Work

Master cigar maker at work

Heart of Havana

Central Havana

Southern Snow Day

Snow fell here yesterday — about five or six inches. It decorated the earth like frosting on a fresh birthday cake. Today, the snow crusted and dulled before dissolving away, like frosting on a stale birthday cake. There’s something mystical about a 1snowsnowfall in the South, where a good powdering is a meteorological oddity rather than a routine winter event. Rain washes and cleanses, but snow … snow encapsulates and crystallizes the places it claims. In the South, on a good snow day, the whole world seems to be holding its breath. There’s a collective sense of community and anxiety and understated excitement that a rare gift from nature is falling upon us. It’s like Mother Nature declares a time-out, sends everybody home, and suspends every visible thing in a magical freeze frame for a day or two. Then, the sun emerges, melts away our fluffy confection of suspended time, and we all exhale together and move back on with our lives. ☮