Southern Snow Day

Snow fell here yesterday — about five or six inches. It decorated the earth like frosting on a fresh birthday cake. Today, the snow crusted and dulled before dissolving away, like frosting on a stale birthday cake. There’s something mystical about a 1snowsnowfall in the South, where a good powdering is a meteorological oddity rather than a routine winter event. Rain washes and cleanses, but snow … snow encapsulates and crystallizes the places it claims. In the South, on a good snow day, the whole world seems to be holding its breath. There’s a collective sense of community and anxiety and understated excitement that a rare gift from nature is falling upon us. It’s like Mother Nature declares a time-out, sends everybody home, and suspends every visible thing in a magical freeze frame for a day or two. Then, the sun emerges, melts away our fluffy confection of suspended time, and we all exhale together and move back on with our lives. ☮

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